Bedroom Farce

Wimborne Drama Productions     Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne Rachel Leggett   24 February  2023


Being a huge musical lover, I very rarely go along to many plays so when the opportunity arose for me to review Bedroom Farce, I was looking forward to something different and it was certainly that.

This play, written by Alan Ayckbourn and directed by Michelle Barter and Suzanne Vinney, is set in the modern day and takes place in the bedrooms of three different houses.

The story revolves around Trevor and Susannah, whose marriage is already on the edge, and are both invited to a house warming party. When they arrive, Trevor’s ex-girlfriend Jan, played by Julie Sissons with lots of sass mixed in with the perfect amount of emotion, is also there and things take an awkward turn!

The hosts of the party Malcolm and Kate, played by James Renwick and Beth Morris, are both great performers and James definitely came into role more as the play went on. Beth portrays the role of Kate with confidence. The scene in the bedroom of their house when Trevor first arrives is one of the highlights.

Back at home is Jan’s boring husband Nick, played by Colin Pile, who couldn’t attend the party due to a pulled muscle in his back and spent the entire play in bed, complaining!

In another house are Trevor’s Mum and Dad, Earnest and Delia, played by Tim Fearon and Judy Garrett, this was the perfect pairing. Judy played the role of Delia with true emotion and sincerity but was also firm with her over worrying and doddery husband Earnest.

Tim Fearon was, in one word, incredible! With excellent comic timing he definitely stole the show.

Trevor and Susannah are played by Richard Scotson and Rosie Nye, both play their roles with the right amount of feeling needed to show a couple on the verge of a divorce.

The play was hilariously funny, the sets were simple but appealing and the lighting was on point throughout the entire play.

There are two further performances Saturday 25 February at 2.30pm and 7.30pm.