COMEDY PLAYHOUSE – A Disastrous Dinner Party and a Runaway Bride

An invitation from Sway Drama Club to their next Comedy Playhouse:

“As we approach the festive season, thoughts turn to entertaining family and friends which usually involves careful planning of an exotic menu to impress. We have the perfect vision in our minds of a beautifully laid out table, and a home cooked gourmet meal timed to perfection in anticipation of the arrival of our eagerly expectant guests.

“But I wonder how many of us actually achieve the perfect dinner party that we so desperately want to present. Will the cooking go according to plan and be to everyone’s taste, will the mood of our guests be equally as cheerful as we envisage, and just how far would you go to impress your guests?

“My past experience of dinner parties has been interesting to say the least, and so I decided to write a play to include many possibilities of things that could go wrong, but hopefully to comic effect.

“I am delighted to be directing my play Serving Up Trouble alongside another hilarious well known play from Plaza Suite by Neil Simon, and directed by Hazel Gibbs, about a bride who suffers last minute wedding nerves. Come and join our Comedy Playhouse at Sway Village Hall on 28, 29 or 30 November.  Tickets are available from Winkworth Estate Agents in the Village for £10 each, and include a tasty Ploughman’s Supper. Surely, nothing could go wrong with that!”

(Lisa Siuda, Sway Drama Club)