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This was my debut for watching any of RAODS’ productions. I was completely blown away by the play and particularly the performances of Becky Mills and Sean Beaumont.

This is basically a ‘Boy Meets Girl’ play and the different scenarios that can and often do take place. It is a play which may fixate on physics, but it most certainly brings the chemistry of these two actors together. Marianne, played by Becky Mills does a dynamic performance which tested all the emotions of the audience and you either loved or hated her character at some point. Either way you had to admire her brilliant performance and the excellence at which she executed her craft. Sean Beaumont plays the somewhat obsessed Beekeeper and again showed brilliance in both his timing and performance which was so believable. His facial expressions were amazing and told more than the story; I was able to identify with many of his emotions as I am sure the audience did too. Having said this both performances were honest, heartfelt and humorous.

This script requires great concentration and precision (not to mention great direction), and these actors bring their ‘A’ game. Even without a linear plot, I followed their stories with concern and interest. Paul Nelson’s skilful direction guides the actors to make a series of scenes, oft repeated, yet fresh each time; it is a perfectly woven arc of experiences and chances.

Most scenes happen more than once each with a different take on the situation. Some happy, some sad, some annoying, this gives the audience so much to digest so you are scared to miss a single word in case you lose the plot. Becky and Sean kept your attention throughout and the chemistry between them was unbelievable; I don’t think I missed a word or a syllable. Although the dialogue was sometimes fast the meaning was never lost in its delivery.

The play was directed by Paul Nelson and the transition from scene to scene was slickly executed and with perfection. Although the stage was bare except for a few white balloons, this created an environment to which the actors could feel comfortable to take the necessary risks and opportunities to enhance the play.

The play was only just over one hour long but was full of compelling and powerful stuff.

Congratulations on a superb performance.