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Disney’s Aladdin Jr

This Disney Aladdin, albeit in its junior version, bounced off the rafters with energy and verve.

Hats off to the backing track operator who kept up with slick paced dialogue and vibrant choreography to keep this well oiled favourite on track, literally.

The Genie, beautifully judged by Abbie Miller, an energetic live wire of talent, opened the proceedings with great stage presence, her voice, stance and character phasing out any other comparisons within moments, almost bounding onto the stage such was her obvious joy in the role.

As Aladdin, Joe Mawby was a beaming wide eyed talent with a great voice, the big well known ballads becoming fresh and new to the ear such was his phrasing and delicate attention to lyric detail.

Matching him in style was Rebecca Reed as Jasmine, with good characterisation and vocal dexterity. Her command of the libretto was a complete joy.

Matching her, Thomas Woodcock and Ffionn Lloyd, as Jafar and Iago the archetype baddies, were equally excellent with comedic timing and style alongside Nat Smith’s warm hearted Sultan (with an impressive make up beard).

Harmony work was well served by Aladdin’s loyal friends, all of them bringing their own take and feel to what could have been bland copy roles. Their 2nd Act song was particularly impressive. Hats off again to Hope Hamilton, Sophie Lipscombe, Hannah Farnell and Riley Christie.

Attention to detail like this by director Wendy South made for a warm and happy two hours, full of excellent dance routines by Anita Pritchard and Emalene Hickman. DYT team should be very pleased with what they have achieved.