Double Bill: ‘Yards Apart’ and ‘Sharks in the Custard’

This evening I spent a very enjoyable few hours at the Maskers Theatre seeing a Double Bill of plays. It was fabulous finding myself back in the audience once again after a considerable hiatus.

First up was Yards Apart, an incredibly heart-warming tale of two people, their very different lives and world views which collide for the betterment of everyone involved.

My star of the overall evening goes immediately to Anna Hussey, who sparkled as the bolshy, free spirited Viki, a pregnant mother who has newly arrived in the UK from Eastern Europe.

Anna’s accent and physicality whilst pregnant where both superb, and exceptionally natural.

Philip de Grouchy’s character Mark reminded me warmly of my gardening obsessed granddad. Mark was somewhat set in his ways, a little grouchy (by name and nature it seems!) but with a heart of gold underneath all his flaws.

I was incredibly impressed by writer and director Mary Stone’s script and vision. I entered the interval with a big smile on my face.

My second show of the evening was Sharks in the Custard, a farcical take on the world of modern art and the sad reality that sometimes things do have to change, no matter how happy you are.

The gossipy chit chat between the three cleaners (Jill Desborough, Allegra Carlton and Jane Russell) felt reminiscent of the TV show Dinnerladies, as the central characters chewed the fat over the proverbial water cooler which was very enjoyable to behold.

I must commend Clive Weeks, Jez Minns, Mary Stone, Adam Taussik, Meri Mackey and Hazel Slawson who were responsible for the overall set design and dressing.

Both of these short plays had truly excellent and impressive sets, I really enjoyed being taken from a garden to an art gallery all in one evening.

Congratulations to the cast and crew of both shows. I had a really lovely evening back in a theatre at long last.

The double bill of Yards Apart and Sharks in the Custard runs from 13 – 18 September.