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How To Train Your Husband

This fast-paced comedy addresses an issue close to every woman’s heart – how to train your husband! Does that sound impossible? The play follows the adventures of Kate, Jessica and Sheryl as they attempt to fully train their fella – and it seemed that the whole of Bishopstoke were out in force to find out how!

Bishopstoke Players are by no means a stranger to putting on a comedy, and I always look forward to their productions. A packed out opening night audience just shows you that they are doing something right!

Rob Beadle made his directorial debut and he certainly did the play justice (and I’m sure the group too!). Direction was slick, effective and fast-paced. I’m already looking forward to his next project.

For an opening night, I always presume there will be missed cues or perhaps some lost lines. However, the Bishopstoke Players certainly pulled out all the stops! Katie Pink (Kate) was a joy to watch as the central character. Her ‘Hyacynth Bucket’ demeanour throughout was perfect for this role and her comedic timing was second to none! Someone who I’m glad to see still involved with the group (and still part of the furniture I see!) is Kate Robbins (Jessica). A superb performance with crystal clear diction and elegance, certainly worthy of any West-End stage. Special mention must go to James Gould (Pete) who made an excellent cross-dresser, or, as he put it, the boy from next door. According to the audience member next to me, he had “the best legs in the entire group”! Whatever it is, keep going!

This play runs until Saturday 18 May at Bishopstoke Memorial Hall.