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On Broadway

Having never seen a performance by Strictly Stage before I was slightly unsure what to expect. I need not have worried for what was presented to me was nothing short of phenomenal. Everything was perfect from start to finish.

The concept of a number of different schools, age ranges and abilities all bought together to create one production must have been a hefty task for Liz and her very able team of teachers. The show was well put together and the choreography was spot on and cleverly fitted to the abilities of the group that was performing. The show flowed smoothly with brilliant transitions from song to song and show to show. Having done many shows myself with children of varying ages I truly appreciate the hard work and effort that goes into putting on a production of this size, At no point on that stage was there any hint of doubt that those children knew what they were doing.

The choice of content for the production was spot on and covered so many different genres; it took you on a journey. I particularly enjoyed the Miss Siagon section as this is a fantastic show which often gets overlooked in concerts and variety performances. It was done with strength and confidence oozed form the cast who managed to capture the real emotion of the piece. David Storey was outstanding in “The Book of Mormon” section making the audience laugh out loud and a pure joy to watch, It’s not often that I say this but there were no weak links whatsoever every single performer gave their all to the performance which created an electric energy which filled the theatre, Those people on that stage intended to captivate the audience and succeed they sure did on top of this they all actually looked like they were enjoying themselves and were not afraid to let us know this.

The lighting was well designed and highlighted the change of mood between each section really well. There was a very clever use of video during the interval which was fun and ingenious allowing the audience to stay captivated during this time. The set was simple and again very effective and used to its full advantage creating height and lovely pictures on the stage.

Hats off to everyone involved with this project, simply stunning, to carry on from my opening statement, I have never seen a performance by Strictly Stage but I can assure you I will be first in the queue to see the next one.