Remembered Poster for final advertisingThe very popular annual Milford on Sea Music and Arts Festival is almost upon us. Every year there is something different to look forward to and this year is no exception!

Being the Centenary of the end of the First World War there is much going on in the country to reflect this. Therefore the Festival has chosen this as their theme and for the first time in its history there will be a theatrical production added for everyone’s enjoyment.

The production ‘REMEMBERED’ takes place in the Community Centre for two nights only, namely 19/20 July at 7pm thus allowing plenty time for audience members to enjoy the music and festivities on the Green after the show.

‘REMEMBERED’ will give you a snapshot into the lives of ordinary but remarkable  people who’s experiences will never be forgotten  and without whose bravery and stoicism we would not live the life of freedom that  we do today.

Come with us on this journey as it runs the gamut of emotions through song, music, tears, love, companionship, sorrow and laughter.