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Shrek The Musical

Although I had watched the movie numerous times the show was a first for me. I was completely blown away by the performances of the main characters. Shrek’s swamp has been invaded by fairy tale creatures sent by Lord Farquaad. Shrek is then sent to retrieve the woman Lord Farquaad wants to marry to make him King. Princess Fiona is in a high tower protected by a fire breathing dragon which Shrek has to overcome.

Shrek played by Lewis Edgar did an amazing job at interpreting the ‘grumpy’ ogre. His Scottish accent was consistent throughout his performance and very funny. His interaction with Donkey played by Arthur Janes was a very believable relationship. Arthur was spectacular in his portrayal of the role, his humour, energy and flamboyance on stage was infectious with the audience and he put his own spin on the character. His delivery of his dialogue and his facial expressions were brilliant, this is one talented guy.

Isla Culliford as young Fiona had a big voice and she set the stage for Melissa Simons who played Teen Fiona with enthusiasm and confidence. Aimee Armstrong took over the role and boy she ‘smashed it’. She gave it her all, she was energetic, humorous and gave a wonderful comedy performance with her facial expressions, voice, and actions. Her vocal talent was impressive as was her dancing and stage presence. I loved her!

Lord Farquaad played by Elliot Grimmer also gave a first-class performance, his quick humour, posh accent and physical movement (performing on his knees) was fantastic. He certainly knows how to play the audience and his fellow cast members. Rachel Howarth who plays the Dragon has a wonderfully powerful voice and wowed us with her singing.

I have to mention some of the other characters: Jasmine Rimell as Pinnochio, the minute she came on the stage, you knew she was there and your eyes followed her around, her portrayal of Pinnochio was wonderful. Also, Iris Kerwick as Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy interpreted the role perfectly and was a beautiful dancer. Jarrad James as the Big Bad Wolf/Pied Piper was larger than life and indeed a very professional actor/dancer. This young man will go far; he was wonderful to watch and commanded the stage whenever he came on.

The 3 Bears, 3 Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Peter Pan, Wicked Witch and Fairy Godmother are all worth a mention, they interacted well on stage and were certainly well into their characters. As were Lord Farquaad’s 4 guards who took their roles very seriously.

Although I haven’t mentioned everyone by name due to all the different sets of children playing multiple roles ‘in disguises’ difficult to match up to the programme, I loved every minute of the performance. I believed I was watching the ensemble of ‘Queens’ and ‘Gnomes’ and I thought their enthusiasm, vitality, energy and indeed their acting ability was fabulous.

SWISH should be very proud of their performance, the creativity and attention to detail was superb. The costumes and sets were amazing, the lighting and sound was also excellent. I could hear every word that was spoken and sung on stage, it was indeed a performance to rave about.