Suddenly Last Summer

Written by: Tennessee Williams

8 – 13th April, 2019

In her New Orleans mansion, the wealthy and reclusive Violet Venable grieves over the sudden death of her beloved son Sebastian the previous summer. Only Mrs Venable’s niece Catherine knows the truth of how Sebastian died, but has been so traumatised by the event that her mind appears to be shattered and her version of the truth is too terrible to believe.

Mrs Venable seeks the help of Dr. Cukrowicz, the leading specialist in a controversial new technique for removing harmful ideas from the mind – he proposes to literally cut the hideous story out of her brain.

However, Dr. Cukrowicz first needs to be sure of Catherine’s mental state and insists on questioning her in person. What she reveals about Sebastian’s true nature and how he died threatens to destroy Mrs. Venable’s fond memories of her son and expose a dark history that none of them wants to believe.

Tennessee Williams’ savagely poetic drama strips back the veneer to expose the grim truth; a truth no-one wants to believe.