AUDITION NOTICE: And Then There Were None (Lymington Players, Lymington)

And Then There Were None

Lymington Players


Auditions: Tuesday 17 October 2023 @ 7.00pm

Production: 26 February – 2 March 2024 

Auditions to be held in The Gates Hall, The Lymington Centre, Lymington, SO41 9BQ



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No specific age ranges required.

Period – 1930s

Rogers: competent manservant, not a butler, quick and deft, knows how to make a good fire

Mrs Rogers: married to Rogers, tendency to worry, moan and frightens easily, restless at night, difficult to wake up

Vera Claythorne: a secretary by trade, a woman of the times by nature, hidden reserves of strength, good at the pistol range

Philip Lombard: cocky, man of the world and adventurer, dry humour

Anthony Marston: rich man, spoilt and not especially bright – likes a drink

William Blore: a detective, probably East End, looks, listens, jumps to conclusions, jumps to more conclusions, jumps to…

General Mackenzie: soldierly man with a gentle tired face, misses wife, likes to sit in chair looking at the sea

Emily Brent: spinster with forthright views and old-fashioned values. Knitting skills essential.

Sir Lawrence Margrave: a judge, logical and practical, not much levity, can get ahead of himself

Dr Armstrong: fussy, rather tired looking, also likes a drink, but pretends he doesn’t. When he does, likes it on the rocks.


Director: Edward Funnell; for further information, please email