Murder In The Studio

Maskers Theatre Company

Murder In The Studio

Written by Agatha Christie

Three murderers, one detective and plenty of mysteries – will the villain be stopped in time; does the punishment fit the crime?

Maskers presents three murder mystery radio plays for a studio audience, written by the Queen of Crime herself, Agatha Christie, set across several decades from 1930s to 1950s, the running theme is a mysterious phone call, and of course a murder!

Featuring Personal Call, in which James Brent is haunted by his dead wife starting with a mysterious telephone call, can she really be calling from beyond the grave?; Yellow Iris, in which Hercule Poirot finds himself in the middle of an old unsolved murder case when called to attend the hotel Jardin des Cygnes – can he solve the mystery of the unusual death before someone else is hurt?; and Butter In A Lordly Dish, in which we find out if vengeance really is a dish best served cold, and debate about the meaning of justice.

A game is afoot, the call has been made, the players are in play – let the murders begin!

Tickets: £14; Available via phone (0333 666 3366) or online.