One Act Plays (‘None The Wiser’ and ‘The Right Honourable Lady’)

Poole & Parkstone Players [P&P Players]

One Act Plays

The P&P Players return to The Spire, Poole this October with their popular One Act Plays series.

None The Wiser

A comedy written by Anthony Booth
Directed by Clare I’Anson

A gang of women posing as nuns are operating a successful shoplifting racket. The trouble is that at home in their convent they have to look the part, and when two nuns seeking accommodation appear at the door, they can’t turn them away. However, the newcomers aren’t what they seem either.


The Right Honourable Lady

A drama written by Francis Beckett
Directed by Lauren Keene

Journalist Flavia has been poached from the BBC by tabloid newspaper, The Daily Trumpet. Her brief – to dig up the dirt on her old friend Nicola Macdonald, now Secretary of State. In the pursuit of investigating more serious corruption in the government, Flavia must first expose sordid secrets which threaten to destroy careers and marriages. To what length will people go to get what they want?

Tickets: £10; Available  online, email, in person at The Spire Office, High Street, Poole or via phone (Clare – 07956 996656).