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It’s a Wonderful Life

It couldn’t have been more appropriate as the snow fell on the way to Lyndhurst giving the show a magical feel.  From walking into this charming little theatre, the atmosphere was electric, it felt more like a family event than a play, everyone was so friendly and welcoming.

As I had never seen the play before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, at first I found it a bit disconcerting that the cast were playing so many different parts but I soon got over that and became absorbed in the production.

George Bailey, played by Rupert Bogarde was excellent in his interpretation of the character, he has so many problems and is thinking about taking his own life.  As he jumps from a bridge into the water, he spies someone else doing the same thing, so being the kind of man that he was he immediately goes to help.  Clarence was played brilliantly by Mike Watson as his Guardian Angel who then shows George what his town, Bedford Falls would have looked like if it hadn’t been for all his good deeds he had performed over the years.

Richard  Barnett as Henry Potter, cab driver etc gave a superb performance with change of voices and characters with some very humorous lines. I particularly liked Hanna Marke as Violet I felt she brought this character to life. Debbie Murray who played multiple parts managed to switch from one to the other with minimum effort and ease. Vic Milne as the Host was very versatile as he played all the other parts jumping from one to another.  Ingrid Bond was lovely as Mary, I found her to be very believable. Donna West was very glamourous in her roles as Mary’s mother and Superintendent of Angels, her diction was fantastic and I did not miss a word, I find it very refreshing when one’s voice is so clear nothing is missed.

Finally, I have to mention Steve Davis the Stage Manager, he was hilarious, he didn’t miss a trick and kept us on our toes throughout, what a super part to play.  I loved his antics as he never failed to amuse the audience.

As you can see I thoroughly enjoyed the show it was so uplifting and I felt quite sad when it ended.  Even the adverts and jingles added to the overall effect of the show. I felt so pleased when Clarence got his wings! Well done Lyndhurst Drama & Musical Society for putting on such a superb production.

Plays until 2nd February 2019