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Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice is the latest production to be performed by Spot On Productions.

Having the chance to see their previous production, I was excited to watch the cast again take on this musical production.

The band, under the direction of the talented Martin Bennetts, worked well visually on stage. The simple yet effective set was used to its full potential, adding levels to the acting and singing during the show. The movable cross structure in the centre of the stage worked well as an interchangeable piece of set, being used as a performance structure and as a table at the beginning of the second act. The only downside to the moveable cross was the unfortunate noise of the wheels as cast members moved it around the stage.

At times diction was lost in group numbers and it was difficult to hear the exact lyrics, and some members of the main cast found the high notes more challenging to hit, however the cast worked hard with the repetitive choreography and clearly enjoyed the ensemble numbers.

For me, star of the show was Mary Magdalene played the by very talented Holly Ind. This was Holly’s first show with Spot On Productions, and it is clear why she was given the role. Her strong singing voice was flawless and her stage presence was ‘spot on’ for the character of Mary Magdalene. The role of Jesus was played by Matt McGrath, who acted out the role perfectly. Alongside Matt was Rich Spencer who played Judas Iscariot, both of whom gave strong performances throughout and it was uplifting to see that Rich’s guitar playing talents were encompassed into his role as Judas.

A special mention must go to John Earwood who played Pontius Pilate. His presence on stage and superb singing voice were a joy to watch. After seeing him in a previous production, this role certainly gave him the chance to shine.

There was a good use of lighting and technical support through the use of two TV screens on either side of the stage. For most parts this worked well, however I think the use of the screens during Mary Magdalene’s solo distracted from her flawless performance, by the slightly wobbly camera. As expected, a few first night technical glitches arose, however these were rectified quickly and made little impact on the overall show.

If you enjoy the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, definitely one to go and watch! Jesus Christ Superstar runs at The Point until Saturday 3rd November with evening performances at 7.30pm and a matinee at 2.30pm.