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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Director Wendy South should be very pleased with tonight’s performance by a well drilled set of 7 to 17 year olds. There were some lovely touches introduced, such as the goat scene, the interactional ad libs, Joseph’s transformation costume change and the gleeful version of angel in heaven at the end of the song. This made the whole thing feel very fresh for such a well known and often performed work.

Thomas Woodcock took centre stage as Joseph, singing his character’s songs with much passion and sincerity, especially ‘Close Every Door To Me’ which was also beautifully lit with added dripping water and echo. Matching him in diction and vocal dexterity were Abbie Miller and Amelia Sly as joint Narrators. Their harmony work was particularly impressive throughout, hitting the high notes of this demanding score with great ease. Classy costuming in similar black and heels added to the confidence of their performances, diction again being excellent.

The ‘Pharaoh Song’ is one of the highlights of this show, and this did not disappoint in the hands of Joe Mawby. A hugely energetic and fast paced performance having the richly deserved encore too alongside excellent choreography for the Bop Bop Shawaddy Wadders fully engaged the audience. Joe also played the ill-fated Baker opposite a lively Ffion Lloyd as the Butler and Lucy Miller was suitably raunchy as Potiphar’s wife, Potiphar himself doubling up as Jacob in good vocal form by Nat Smith

Considering the age of the children involved I have to state how well disciplined on stage everyone was and how each performer looked after each other. The brothers’ musical numbers were very well executed, especially ‘Those Canaan Days’, and the Wives/Dancers did a great job throughout. The young choir were fully focused and impressed with great musicality.

A simple set was well used, and this allowed the show to flow very well, the Egyptian costumes being very effective and authentic looking, adding to a colourful and well thought out production where everyone had a chance to shine.