Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Spot on Productions’ latest show is the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice classic, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The show was led by the team of two narrators (Emma Harris and Erin Bright) who confidently and clearly took us through this famous Biblical story.

Joseph, played by Howard Corbett, not only looked the part, but sounded the part, supported by a backing team of children from the Spot On Choir and Shakespeare Junior School.

Biggest applause must go to the team of brothers, with fantastic facial expressions and great enthusiasm these lads had the singing and harmonies ‘Spot On!’.

Choreography by Kiera Leech was noticed throughout, with the whole cast well rehearsed and slick. Costumes were bright and colourful adding to the overall performance, especially the finale where Joseph with the help of the technical crew, was raised to show off the extensive technicolor coat!

The scenery was colourful and well designed for the stage at The Point, with cast changing them effortlessly.

Biggest ‘awww’ factor must go to the youngest cast member who came on dressed as a very cute sheep!!

Huge congratulations to all involved. A very polished performance, enjoyed by all ages!

Go go go (Joseph) before it’s too late! It runs until 19th May 2018.