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Keep Smiling Through

WOW! What a fabulous show; it was action packed from beginning to end. This Celebration for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day did exactly what it set out to do. What a multi-talented group of performers. It was brilliantly written by the Glad Rag Production Company and superbly choreographed by Carly Simmerling, who made each dance unique to the number being sung. The costume creation and design were all in line with the 1940s and really accentuated the performance.  One must also mention the hairstyles, which were an art form in themselves – all of this set the stage for the truly magical first class show.

The Bluestockings sang throughout the show with their amazing harmonies; my only issue was I didn’t know where to look, I was so afraid of missing something. The Girls, Kim, Bella, Carly, Kristiana, Heather and Samantha with their truly fabulous dancing skills were co-ordinated and sang whilst dancing to sometimes complicated routines. I have to mention The Boys, Sam, Andrew, Ben Charles, John, Josh and Finn, all of whom I was also very impressed with. I particularly loved the intricate ‘tap’ routine with every tap sounding out loud and clear.

I watched the children ‘Team Churchill’; they were enthusiastic, full of fun and seemed to enjoy every minute. The performances of Blake and Bailey stood out; my eyes were drawn to them as they danced and sang along with the other children, their acting skills seemed so natural and unaffected.

Other performances that were memorable were Kim Holder singing ‘A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square’, Charles Michael Duke with the Evacuees, Sam Hoye with the Company in ‘Down At The Old Bull And Bush’ and Bella Kane, ‘White Cliffs Of Dover’.

The sound and lighting engineers did a superb job; I loved the interaction of the ‘live broadcasts’ and the fabulous backdrops. Also, the backstage crew did a great job; I was oblivious to their many scene changes.

Everyone in the audience embraced the music and bravely sang along with the cast, waving flags and enjoying the ambiance of the occasion.

This was a very apt and poignant production commemorating D-Day. We all left the theatre feeling uplifted.

My congratulations to everyone involved – it was a truly memorable show.