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Oh! What a Lovely War

The depiction of the War 1914-1918 was very well done with frequent use of overhead screen projections mapping out the scenes. As it went through, this was a great way of keeping the audience well informed of the action taking place.

First night nerves were apparent (as expected!), however I was impressed with the use of the props out of the boxes and was well thought out and cleverly executed.  Taking on the different characters is never an easy task, yet tonight I must mention the following individuals. French General, Mike Pavitt had a superb accent and immaculate mannerisms. Katy Lewis gave a spiritable and enjoyable performance and I look forward to her taking on more roles in the future.

Act 2 was faster paced and more polished. The cast certainly seemed to settle into the atmosphere of the production which made it more enjoyable for us as audience members. The two younger members of the core ensemble Tom Fritter and Connor Sturrock gave notable performances. Joseph Wright gave excellent command and presence throughout the whole show.

The Orchestra led by Brigitte Lavoie was appreciated as it is a rarity to find live music in amateur societies, however I did feel that they needed to be more together. This will improve as the run continues.

The soloists were all very good indeed and the whole company directed by Brigitte were excellent, singing some excellent harmonies and their voices blended and complimented each other well.

The whole production was clever, considerate and left the audience contemplating the futility of war.

An enjoyable production and definitely worth seeing! The show runs until Saturday 23rd June 2018.