One Day I’ll Fly Away


New Forest Players


One Day I’ll Fly Away

Written by Janet Shaw

Directed by Len Reid


One young woman, one old lady. Their lives were poles apart but fate took a hand and threw them together. The only problem being they were more alike than anyone could begin to imagine. Both had battled adversities beyond comprehension.

When Kylie starts community service at the respite home she is thrown into the path of Nora, an embittered and hardened woman, who has spent her whole life teaching others and avoiding relationships of any kind.

Nora lost her husband and only child in a boating accident many years ago and Kylie is the victim of an alcoholic and drug-addled mother. Nora and Kylie start off their relationship with mutual comic sarcasm and dislike, but as the story unfolds it becomes clear that although in different ways, they are both walking down the same path self-destruction.

Tickets: £13; Available via phone (01425 542414) or online.