The Ghost Train

Bournemouth Little Theatre  Bournemouth Little Theatre, Bournemouth Rachel Leggett

13 December 2023


On a cold winter’s night after a long day at work, the thought of venturing out to Winton to see a play I’d never heard of was hard but I’m so glad I did! What a show!

The Ghost Train, written by Arnold Ridley and directed by Lindsay Jones, is set in a dysfunctional railway in the depths of Cornwall. It centres around a group of travellers who become stranded and must stay overnight in the haunted station when they are told the story of the ‘Ghost train’ that is said to pass through with terrible effects of those who see it. They regret their decision to stay after ghostly and not so ghostly apparitions materialise, until one of the passengers finally reveals the true reason behind the night’s events.

The scenery used in this play is exceptional, it is perfect for the setting and the lighting effects, though simple, really send a shiver down your spine.

The costumes are brilliant and each tailored to suit every individual part; as a fellow actor I always feel so much more in character when I’m in a good costume!

John Billington as Mr Winthrop was perfectly posh and plays his character with real passion alongside his onstage (and offstage!) wife, Elsie, played by Tracey Billington-Beardsley. Miss Bourne, played by Gillian Linford, was a delight to watch and her comedy timing was brilliant. Every single person in this play gave their all but a special mention must go to Barry Gray as Teddie Deakin, his characterisation, facial expressions and body language absolutely shone in this performance, this part suited him perfectly.

The Ghost Train runs at Bournemouth Little Theatre until Saturday 16 December. Tickets are almost sold out, but if you manage to grab one of the few left, you won’t be disappointed.

Congratulations to Lindsay and all at Bournemouth Little Theatre on a fantastic show!